Hi, I’m Michael Colemire. Welcome!

Thanks for stopping by to check out my work. I specialize in the art of customizing guns. I build custom gunstocks and adorn them or your factory gunstock with carvings, engravings and inlays.

Are you disappointed with the look of your factory gun? Does the machine-made checkering look and feel cheap? I can help you. I can replace that inferior checkering with hand checker, or if you would really like to change the appearance, let’s take the checkering off and replace it with basket weave or fish scale. It will give it a much higher end look and also improve the feel of the grips. Don’t stop there…Let me add some oak leaves or acanthus leaves to the design. Now you’re talking. Your buddies are going to be so envious. Did you just get back from a special hunt? Let’s do a scene of the trophy animal you took with your rifle to commemorate the hunt for years to come. Do you have a gun that was your Dad’s, Papaw’s or someone else special? Let me add their name or initials to make it a memorial for generations to enjoy.

Or better yet, let me create a custom work of art for you – a hand-built, high end stock from the wood of your choice to fit your gun. Then, I can add what is known as “gunstock carving” or “gunstock engraving,” inlays of wood, semi-precious stones, horn or bone carvings and even wire inlay.

Here are some photos of my custom work.

If you are in the area of Northern/Central Kentucky or Southern Ohio, I can also custom fit your gun to you. You ask, “What is custom fitting?” A custom fitted gun will shoot like no other. The length of pull, the cant and the positioning of where it mounts to your shoulder and where your cheek lays against the rest all affect the ease of mount and aiming, and also the amount of recoil or kick you feel from your gun.

Please visit the Galleries to see more photos of guns and  my other handmade works, such as canes and walking sticks, jewelry, sculptures and even custom leather. If you like the style of my work and would like something created just for you or a special project, please contact me here. Also, remember to subscribe to my blog for updates about my work!