A Little About The Artist Creating These Carvings, Sculptures, Canes and Custom Guns Part Three

by MichaelColemire on February 2, 2011 · 0 comments

Here I am again, still frustrated because I cannot do the things I am wanting to do – I NEED TO CREATE! Sorry, I had to get that out. Well, I am still doing physical therapy for my shoulder and even though improvement isn’t fast enough, I am noticing a difference. I am now able to put on my clothes, belt and shoes myself, which is far more than I could do a month ago. Since I cannot yet work on my creations, I have decided to concentrate on my blogging.

Also with all these ideas built up in my head, I have started drawing my ideas in my sketchbook. By doing this I am sure not to forget any of them. So far I have designed three pieces of jewelry and have jotted down some ideas I have for canes. I have also been out doing legwork to find places to market my pieces. I have been quite pleased with the response I have received. It seems the custom, hand made canes are going to do well. I now have five shops wanting to carry them and also a couple of gun shops agreeing to let me show samples of the custom gun stock carving and engraving work in their establishments.

I am also organizing my studio and sharpening the tools that have been neglected over time. With all this done, when I am able to get back to work I should be up and running at full speed. I have also been reading some books on engraving and art to take my work to yet another level. With a little more time I believe I will be back at my bench and doing what I love.

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