A Little About The Artist Creating These Carvings, Sculptures, Canes and Custom Guns Part Two

by MichaelColemire on January 26, 2011 · 0 comments

As I was saying, There were some events that happened along with an epiphany that made me change my focus. Like I had said in the last post, my sign business was down to a crawl so my wife and I were sitting at the kitchen table pondering life and trying to figure out where my career was going. We were discussing different options of what I could do – get a job back in construction? welding?, both of which I am skilled at, but that do not interest me much anymore. My wife asked a very simple question that changed my way of thinking, “What is it you truly love doing?  What would you be doing if money was not an issue?” I really do not like to admit this being a six foot, four inch man, but I will because I think it is important so here goes. I immediately had some kind of hot energy run through my entire body and without being able to control it, I started to cry a bit as I said the words aloud, “My artwork, that is what I would be doing; I love creating.” From this point on things started to change. Of course with no nest egg, I couldn’t just start marketing my work and expect to make a living overnight, so we thought the best thing was for me to go back to work in construction. There I would not have the headaches of trying to run a business, so in my off time from work I would truly be off and could use that time to focus on artwork. Sounds good, right? But wait, the construction industry is down, so where would I find a job? A few days later I was talking to my Dad, who was retired from not only the trade, but retired from the construction company he had owned. He told me that a company had contacted him to teach them to bid utility work and to work on a job with them to train them for this type of work.  He had accepted their offer and wanted me to help him because it is dangerous work and he wanted to have some experience on the job besides himself. I ask you, was the Universe working in my favor? It seemed like it to me. Now we had a plan. The plan was to work construction while I use all my other time to try to build my clientele for my art. It could not have been better – the work was a federal job, which meant very good money and work week of four ten-hour days. This left me with three days to concentrate on my art.

All this doesn’t turn out as good as it sounds. About two weeks before the job was to start (on Fathers Day this past year), my Dad was riding his motorcycle when the back tire blew out and he lost control of the bike. That day we lost my Dad. For a time and still moments now I can think of nothing else. (I Miss You Dad…) Sorry,  I had a moment there. To go on with the story, a little over a week later, the company wanted to meet with me. I did and although they offered their condolences, they still had this job to do and needed the expertise to get it done, so they hired me in Dad’s place. After taking the job there was even more tragedy to contend with. To make a long story short, two months into the job, I took a fall and in trying to catch myself, I tore my rotator cuff pretty severely.

Am I being tested in some way? How bad do I want the art career? I had surgery and am now in rehab to try to get the use and strength back. There is not much I can do at the moment except some small things on the bench and to type these posts. I am not giving up. Throw it at me. I will come out on top. I will be a successful artist,  but for now I just have to work to get to the point I can create. This is all I can write for now, it’s time for therapy.

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