Carving, Turning and Daily Life

by MichaelColemire on June 12, 2011 · 1 comment

OK…I know. I haven’t made a post for a while (a long while) and I promised to tell you of my adventures of being a professional artist. Didn’t I? Well, I have found that I need time management and discipline, not usually characterizing attributes of an artist and I am no exception. I have found that if I am here writing I am not in the shop creating and if I am not creating I am not going to be a successful artist. Do you see my dilemma? It’s the old catch 22. I will try to do better but for now I will share a little of what I have been up to.

Along with carving I have become interested in turning Christmas ornaments from exotic and domestic woods along with deer antler and even doing some carving on some of them. They are really cool with a feel of Old World Charm. No…I am not going to show them to you as of now. I want to have a nice collection of them made before I have them photographed and put out there in the world. Let’s consider this a cliff hanger so if you want to check them out you will have to check back here from time to time. It is worth the wait and you won’t be disappointed. I am also in the process of making a custom gun stock for a shotgun. This is a cool project, not unlike any of my custom-made gun stocks or gun stock carvings I do but this particular gun belonged to my clients father who is no longer with us so the sentimental value is great and it is an honor to be chosen for the project. I will be posting pics of this very soon.

Another interesting event, for me anyway, was my recent visit to a fellow gun carver, Bill Janney. This was nice for me because even though my Papaw started my interest in gun stock making, I didn’t have the idea to carve scenes on the stocks until I found the book “Gunstock Carving” by Bill Janney. It really added more to the work I was doing currently. This was the first time I had met Bill in person and he was more than willing to sit for a while and chat about guns, carving, marketing and even a little about life in general. It was a nice visit and he is someone I look forward to chatting with again. Who knows, we may end up showing at the same gun show at some point. I would also suggest that if any of you want to buy power carving tools you may want to check out his website. He sells a line of tools that I will personally attest to. I purchased a set up back in the fall of last year and I am very happy with them. Also, unlike some others I contacted, Bill is a no hassle salesman so the buying experience went smoothly.

Well, I guess I have rambled enough so with that I am going to call it a night, go to bed and dream of little carving knifes dancing through my head…what….that doesn’t even sound right …but you get the idea.



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1 Ken Swinson June 13, 2011 at 9:08 AM

glad you’re back! don’t make us wait too long on those photos XD


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