Gun Gallery

These photos will show you some of my custom hand-built and custom carved gunstocks, along with custom carving on factory gunstocks. To learn more about why I love to do this work, read my post, What is Gunstock Carving & How Did it Become My Passion?

Here are before and after pictures of a Remington 30-06. The gunstock was plain so we added a basket weave pattern along with oak leaves by the means of what is called gunstock carving.

This is a shotgun that means a lot to my customer. His Dad (who is passed on to the big hunting field in the sky) rabbit hunted with this old gun so he wanted to make it a tribute to him. It has a hand built walnut stock with a maple burl inlay. The inlay is carved by hand and the script is inlaid with turquoise.

On this 270, I hand built the custom gunstock and then added basket weave and acanthus leaves by the means of gunstock carving and also added the deer scenery, this is called gunstock engraving.

This rifle had a pretty plain stock so the owner wanted checkering. I hand checkered the grips and forearm, trimmed the checkering with acanthus leaves and included a carving of the owners initials in the bottom of the pistol grip.