We are a subsidiary of Michael Colemire Designs and can help you with all of your upholstery needs for your home and for your business. From simply reupholstering a piece of furniture to creating custom window treatments to restoring that treasured family heirloom piece, we can help you create the unique home or business you’ve always wanted. No truck? No worries – we offer pick-up and delivery!

For Your Home or Business:

  • Upholstery & Restoration – Beyond simply reupholstering your piece, we can repair and/or refinish. Our standard of hand-tied springs is the 8-way tie, which is usually reserved for high-end furniture.
  • Décor – From custom window treatments to throw cushions to duvets and bed skirts, we can help you make your home or business unique!
  • Chair Caning – We offer re-caning for your furniture piece.
  • Wood Carving – Should you have a piece of furniture with carving that is damaged or missing, we can re-create or repair the carving and match it to the rest of the piece. Our owner, Michael Colemire, is an accomplished woodcarver.
  • Custom Built Pieces – Have something in mind, and it’s impossible to find in a store? We can build it for you. Visit our parent company, Michael Colemire Designs, to see some of our custom-built furniture for both commercial and residential applications.
  • Barnwood – We offer reclaimed barnwood from salvaged Kentucky barns for those special on-trend projects.
  • Green Upholstery – Much of today’s modern building materials, carpets, paints, fabrics and upholstery materials contain toxic chemicals, such as volatile organic compounds (VOCs). In our quest for energy-efficient, airtight homes and commercial buildings, we’ve created poor indoor air quality –  what is termed the Sick House or Sick Building Syndrome. Some of the symptoms of Sick House or Sick Building Syndrome include sensory irritation of the eyes, nose, throat; neurotoxic or general health problems; skin irritation; nonspecific hypersensitivity reactions; and odor and taste sensations. The sick house or building can be helped with better ventilation, using Green Building Methods, replacing synthetic carpets and rugs with ones made from natural fibers and by using eco-friendly upholstery methods. Our “green” upholstery options include organic and fair-trade fabrics and materials. We also search for materials made in the USA. Green or Eco-friendly upholstery is upholstery done the old-fashioned way, with hand-tied springs, horsehair padding and organic cotton batting, instead of petroleum-based foam. These techniques leave you with furniture that will be more comfortable, wear better and longer and is healthier for your family AND the environment. And, even better? You’ll find that the cost of this healthier alternative is more affordable than you might think. In fact, in some cases, it’s no more expensive than the “modern” methods using foam and synthetic fabrics!

See before and after photos of some of our clients’ pieces here.

Please contact us for an estimate or to get started on your furniture or décor project today! Here are a couple of things you can do to expedite the process:

  1. Email a photo of your project to MichaelColemire AT Gmail DOT com. Include your name and what you have in mind.
  2. Greenhouse Fabrics is one of our quality suppliers of upholstery and home décor fabrics. Feel free to browse their selections and jot down the numbers of a few of the ones you like. We can have samples sent to you, free of charge!