Wood Processing

Reclaimed Wood

We sell reclaimed wood products that include dimensional lumber, as well as siding or boxing, and salvaged beams of all sizes. Depending on the age of the structure, some of the beams may be circle-sawn, pit-sawn or hand-hewn (our personal favorite). Builders and furniture makers love reclaimed lumber such as old barn wood because it has a low moisture content, which keeps the wood from shrinking and pulling apart – great for both outdoor and indoor projects.

Also, old growth beams and timbers are denser and therefore have a higher structural value. All of our reclaimed lumber has varying amounts of character marks such as mortises, notches, nail holes, bolt holes, and even carvings from lovebirds in a hay loft. If you’d like a cleaner look, we can plane the character marks away to leave the rich beauty that you can only get from old growth wood.

Our Own Sawmill

We also have our own sawmill, so we can build your heirloom from “tree to table.” Perhaps you lost a special tree in the last storm or there’s a tree on the old homeplace that you’d love to salvage. No need to haul it off or burn it; we can build something beautiful for you that will last for generations to come.

No Bugs Here!

Are you worried of the chance that insects could be tunneled deep within the reclaimed wood, waiting to come out once the piece enters your home? NOT with our products! We only build with wood that has undergone an extensive heat sterilization process in our kiln to ensure that any bugs or larvae that could have made their way into the wood are eradicated.

Our Story

Growing up in rural Kentucky, a land of tobacco and dairy farming, we were surrounded by the barns that served these industries. They’ve been like old friends, and if you feel like we do, it’s heartbreaking to see these old barns and buildings fall into disrepair, only to end up bulldozed and burned. It’s like losing a part of history. And, it’s wasteful.

That’s why we’ve made it our business and passion to salvage and recycle as many of these beautiful structures as we can and give them new homes and new forms. The buildings and barns we harvest, such as tobacco barns, dairy barns and corn cribs have outlived their original purpose, as the number of family farms has dwindled. However, the good news is that the aged and weathered wood – oak, chestnut, poplar, walnut, hemlock and heart pine, to name a few – has the character that is desired in today’s homes, businesses, and public buildings.

Imagine that the “new” floors of your home were once the same floors where Bessie, the cow, was milked. How about a beautiful mantel over your fireplace created from a hand-hewn beam more than a century old? Or, how cool would it be that your new dining room table was once the siding of a barn where tobacco was dried and stripped. Not only is this vintage wood beautiful, using recycled lumber is a greener and more sustainable building practice. And, we preserve history.

Let Us Help!

We can assist you in all stages of the process, from locating the perfect lumber, to building your custom piece, to installation. Let us help you create your one-of-a-kind project. Contact Us and let’s get started!